Whether you are launching a brand new practice or department or whether you seek support for your existing anesthesia services, Sentry Anesthesia applies our intricate working knowledge as professional practitioners and management specialist to optimize patient care and maximize efficiencies.

By instilling elements of financial accountability, transparency, alignment of economic drivers, and benchmarks aligned with the MGMA, we deliver success in the following areas:
  • Billing & Collection Management with the best technology and experienced personnel that provide attention to detail, guaranteed professionalism, and maximum collections
  • Business Development Opportunities to maximize revenue in light of values and goals
  • Compliance with up-to-the-minute assurance of rules and regulations regarding claims, submissions, human resources, and general business practices
  • Financial Management to instill accountability and measurement in light of goals
  • Human Resources to recruit and retain desired personnel
  • Managed Care Contracting and Monitoring for mutual, maximum benefit between parties
  • Startup Advantage with the right systems and benchmarks in place
  • Practice Evaluation to design strategies that take advantage of opportunities
  • Practice Management to attain cost-efficiencies, maximum revenue, proper compliance, and peace of mind
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